Kamis, 17 Januari 2008

shit! i'm in love...

history repeats itself. doesn't it? again i fall in love with someone in relationship... =( i'm actually not really disappointed because she gives me a very nice response, which means we tend to like each other. hehe... but u know, i just can't express myself the way i normally do because she has a boyfriend. sometimes she's with her boyfriend when i call her. believe me it's not as simple as it sounds!

why there's no beautiful girl n still single in this world? every beautiful girl has a partner. so the only way to get a beautiful girl is waiting until she breaks up with her boyfriend... how if i wait too long n they're still together? hhhh... i think too much, man. but i think that's the way it is. my friends who have a beautiful girlfriend waited for some time until the girl broke up with her previous partner.

few days ago, i called her after three days of no communication. when i called her, she's with her boyfriend, so i just called her for five minutes. i was stressed out because i actually missed her! hehe... [dangdut bener ya gw...] u know what i did? i listened to some music with my earphone and turned the volume so high. if i didn't use my earphone, everyone in my house will hear that very fucking LOUD sound... i did it for three hours! tried to run away from reality... truth sucks! haha...

well, i also had some sweet moments with her. i kept reading some of her sweet sms... [makin dangdut deh gw...] i kept thinking of the sweet moments we've had... she's gonna be mine, man! i just have to be patient... yeah! she's gonna be mine!

Selasa, 08 Januari 2008

losing a bet

today, i played billiard in b'side with my friends and lost a 20.000 rupiahs bet. =( i should practice more, bro... we bet in many games and i admit that my friend played better than me. but u know what made me angry? first, he made a golden break. second, he pocket the nine in two shots on the next game... hhh... i lost the bet without even shooting a ball! can u imagine? but in total, my friend won more games than i did... so, there's no excuse... losing is losing, man... take it like a man. hehe...

Minggu, 06 Januari 2008


she looks, dresses, and sings like a celebrity. she would be the best female singer in this country if still young. you should go karaoke with her n you'll know how good she is. she sings better than titi dj, dresses up better than krisdayanti, n looks better than ruth sahanaya... so, it will bring her to the top if she's a singer. =)

she turns 42 this year but still looks like 24. everybody thinks she's my sister because she looks much younger than her age. it offends me a lil' bit because i'm sure i don't look that old... =)

she's my friend n also a partner in crime. =) we do things secretly together... i'm quite sure that i know her dark side. but i'm very sure that she doesn't know mine... =)

she's the person i love the most until i turn 27... because i will get married when i turn 27 and will love my wife the most... =) haha just kidding...

this is the last year i can meet her everyday because i will move out from the house before i turn 22. she's sad when i told her about it and she almost cried... she said my room will not be occupied by anyone and if she moves to another house, she will make one room for me so i can sleep there anytime i want... so sweet... =)

my mom is everything for me... i will kill anyone who messes up with her. =) haha... i love you, mom! i love u... =)

Kamis, 03 Januari 2008

nu year celebration

i had my new year's eve in le meridien hotel, sudirman. it was fun to be there! meeting nu friends, getting drunk, playing poker n black jack... it was also a hilarious celebration. can u imagine 20 people in a standard room? we had so much fun and even too much fun...

before nu year

we prepared the celebration by buying drinks: 15 big bottles of beer, 1 big bottle of jack daniels, n 1 big bottle of tequila. that's what we had there. we drunk n chit-chat but we're still cool. me n some of my friends played poker. the girls were busy on chatting and taking pictures. but the situation was still too cold; it really needed ice-breaker.

after nu year

the ice-breaker came when we played black jack. we bet in that game. if someone loses, he has to drink jack daniels. one of my friends drank too much and really got drunk. he got out of the room and slept in the hallway... i wasn't sure why he did that because he could sleep in the room... we tried to take him to the room but he didn't want to get back. he said, "leave me alone. i wanna be alone now." i didn't know what's on his mind because it irritated us a lil' bit... finally, the security guards woke him up n asked him to go home.

that was the story of my nu year celebration. meeting nu friends, chit-chatting, playing poker n black jack, getting drunk, staying up late 'til 7 A.M. n sleeping 'til 10 A.M. i began 2008 by having fun n i hope i will end 2008 by having fun too! =)

Rabu, 02 Januari 2008

goodbye 2007...

time runs so fast. ups and downs, sadness and gladness really colored my 2007. there were too many special things in 2007 that i don't wanna forget. for me, 2007 is a much better year than the years before. it's more colorful and dynamic. there were more adventures than the years before. i really love 2007 and feel a lil' bit sad to leave it even though i know there's gonna be another adventure in 2008...

my top 5 best moments in 2007:
5. rocking bandung with milan
it was actually my five days holiday and i spent it by going to bandung with milan. it's not bandung that made it special. it was us; what we did and how we handled problems that came our way. we did some outrageous things there, such as asking for weed to punkers and reggae people there and almost fighting with a member of a motorbike gang.
4. fighting with karina
it was actually the worst moment of 2007 for me... =( but there's something that i can learn from this situation. i don't wanna wait in vain for your love... hehe. tired of waiting n dreaming, writing too many songs about her, and two years waiting for her break-up... i've done enough i guess... just call me when u're available! haha just kidding man...
3. going to college and getting straight A's mid-term tests
i actually never planned to go to college. i don't need the certificates they offer, such as B.S. [bullshit], M.S. [more shit], and PhD. [pile high and deep]. in 2006, i actually lowered my ego and decided to go to college, but didn't really have the money. in 2007, i had the money and didn't waste the opportunity; i entered paramadina university. i still think until this time that going to university is not important. the only reason i go to university is only to get a better social status. this is indonesia, man...
2. meeting her
the girl who had my everything and took everything i had, my biggest mistake but also the sweetest... she made my life special and gave me a different perspective about life.
1. record deal
i finally got it after working, writing, and performing for 2.5 years. everybody looked down on me. everybody underestimated me but i didn't give a f**k. i got it! yeah i got it!

yeah man... i had a special year in 2007. i want some more in 2008. give me more. give me another adventure. give me another success.