Minggu, 30 Desember 2007

campus night

i had an event to attend on the last thursday night. my college made a campus night at vertigo. i went there with my friends and had a lot of fun. there are interesting stories to tell in that campus night...

before the party

i was picked up at my house by my friend, wisnu. he was with his friend, kidut, and introduced him to me. i was also with my dutch cousin, milan. i and milan decided to get tipsy first before we entered the club, because the drinks were expensive in the club. so we went to circle k first. i drank two small bottles of beer there. i also met echa there who was still waiting for his friend. when i was drinking my beer and chit-chatting with some friends, i noticed that milan only wear sandals. so i told milan about that.

me: milan, the security guard won't let you in if you wear sandals.
milan: no, they will let me in because i'm bule. they will think that i have lots of money...
me: how if they don't let u in?
milan: well, they'll let me in. we'll see what happens...

we'll see what happens?? haha... what will happen is the security guard doesn't let u in until you wear shoes... that's what i thought. but, i didn't wanna argue. rule is rule here. it doesn't matter you're bule or indonesian...

so, we went straight to vertigo...

are we stronger than the rule?

we arrived at vertigo. as usual, before we got in, we gave our invitations and had to pass the security guards. i whispered to milan, "hey, you stand right behind me and go in really quick after you pass the security guards. they won't notice that you wear sandals." so, we did that plan but it didn't really work because of a mistake: after milan passed the security guards, he just stood still and waited for me... the security guards just needed three secs to notice milan's sandals. they said to milan, "sandals are not allowed here, sir." so, milan got out from the club... after discussing with me for a few minutes, he went home by taxi. i stayed there to party with my friends.

the party

i came in and found some friends inside. it was still 0.15 A.M. my friend, dj steffie, performed. she was a good dj but she performed a kind of music which is not really ear-catching, so the crowd were not really attracted. the crowd got crazy when my other friend, dj ready, performed. he really kicked the crowd's ass with his progressive trance mix. i began to dance even though i didn't know how... =)

my friend, wisnu, really got crazy when he danced. he danced for an hour and thirty minutes non-stop! maybe it was his revenge after living 18 years of his life without partying... =) it was his first time, man...

wisnu's friend, kidut, who just knew me for two hours was a good guy. he bought a single tequila for me. he knew that i really wanted to get drunk... hehe. but, a single tequila failed to make me drunk. i was still okay, maybe just a lil' bit tipsy...

after the party

i got out from vertigo at 3.30 A.M. i went home with wisnu and kidut. well, i really enjoyed the party. it was a lot of fun!

can't wait for another party in new year's eve!

Jumat, 21 Desember 2007

ronald van gelderen rocks!

i went to centro last saturday [121507]. there was a massive party there. ronald van gelderen, one of international top djs, starred the party. i was partying with my friends there. most of them were my college friends.

my friend, dj ready, opened the show with his electro and progressive trance mixing. he did his job well to excite the crowd. after his performance, dj marquee, one of the famous local djs, played. he also played really well. he made the crowd more enthusiastic than before. he also mixed some cool beats together and it was cool.

at 2 A.M., the main event began. ronald van gelderen was on stage and ready to perform! he wore a very neat outfit and tie.

the mc grabbed his mic and said, "ladies and gentlemen, this is the man you've been waiting for. ronald van gelderen. make some noise!" ronald striked with a very cool beat. his performance was amazing! he changed up the beat very dynamically. the transition between songs was also very cool. it really kicked your ass! actually, i was physically tired because i had been there from 11 P.M., but i just couldn't go home... he was definitely one of the best djs in the world!

i got home on 4 A.M. ronald was still playing but i was just too tired to continue partying. so i went home, but i was really satisfied tonight! it was a great partying night!

Kamis, 20 Desember 2007

alone in kemang foodfest

i was walking from jl. bangka raya to kemang foodfest. i chose to take a walk because i was a lil' bit bored so i wanted to do something unusual. but taking a long walk is actually usual for me... i walked from pondok indah to blok m, mampang to apartemen taman rasuna, and kuningan to tebet before and still many more, but the last time i did that was like the beginning of this year... so i chose to take a walk last night! =)

i was actually planning to drink glasses of beer in foodfest, but you know what? all beer places were closed! goddamn it! so i just drank ice lemon tea for the whole night... can u imagine? glasses of ice lemon tea for the whole night... hhhhhhh... but i had a good time with my friend so i didn't really mind the lemon tea... =)

my friend went home at 3 A.M. and i was still there. at 3.30 A.M., i was the only person there... it was wednesday night so everybody went home soon. but u know what? it was cool being in foodfest alone... i was there for like an hour and didn't get bored... i should've brought my camera and take a picture of myself there... too bad! it' s gonna be a cool picture if i brought my camera [3.30 A.M. @foodfest alone]... =)